We have a fiber farm, with alpacas, llamas, Jacob sheep (primitive breed sheep), Angora goats, Angora rabbits along with horses, dogs and cats.

Every year we have Shearing Day and it is open to the community. This year we had over 50 people attend this event.

We sell raw fiber, roving and yarn from ALL of our fiber animals. In addition, we also raise heritage breed chickens: Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Australops, Partridge Rocks, Arauconas, Buff orpingtons and the more common white leg horns and Cornish rocks. We sell farm fresh eggs and have a growing clientele who love our fresh, cage-free, free-roaming chicken eggs.

Our produce is all grown without GMO seeds. Our crops rotate with luscious strawberries, lovely aragula, mixed salad greens, corn, potatoes, green beans and more.




Ron, Cynthia, and Seth Shaffer
405 Red Clay Farm Rd.
Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone (423) 596-1145

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